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  Calendars are a wonderful option if you’re trying to build brand recognition. They can be fun, inspirational, and of course practical, but the most obvious is the fact that they provide a daily reminder of your business. Don't have a business? How about a family calendar full of memories to share with whole family?

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Raffle & Event Tickets


Raffle tickets for giveaways, auctions, and whether sold in advance or at an event, are a great way to advertise the event. They are also a necessity.

Having a performance, concert, fashion show? Event tickets are a must. They provide the info for the event as well as admission.

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  Magnet marketing is a great way to brand your company and promote your products and services to your target audience. Magnet marketing is often overlooked by small businesses, but they are still a positive way to keep your brand in the eyes of your customers or clients.

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  Printed newsletters, that arrive by snail mail, are one of the oldest forms of content marketing, and provide helpful information that your customers and prospects want. Given the general decline in postal mail, a printed newsletter can stand out to the recipient, unlike an online newsletter that can get lost in an already overloaded in-box.

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Cost effective laminating is a great way to preserve important documents, photos, posters, recipes, menus, and more. Protecting them from daily ware tare, and spills.

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